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Christian Rehabilitation

One of the most popular varieties of specialized treatment is faith-based Christian rehabilitation, a journey into addiction recovery that revolves heavily around healing through Christ.

What is Christian Rehabilitation?

Most Christian drug rehabs incorporate standard therapeutic methods of recovery including group therapy, family counseling, educational groups, and relapse prevention planning, in addition to Christian-based methods such as:

  • Weekly visits to a local church
  • Introduction to the Christian 12-Step program
  • Group therapy sessions facilitated by a Christian addiction counselor

How Christian Rehabilitation Works

The typical staff at a Christian drug rehab will frequently contain an ordained minister and many involved members of the Christian community as well as the standard licensed clinicians, counselors, and therapists. Many Christian drug rehabs honor spiritual diversity, offering guidance to those who are seeking religious connections but may have lost them during years of alcoholism or drug addiction. The accepting and nurturing environments provided by such inpatient facilities promote inviting and understanding communities that incorporate spiritual and religious elements of recovery while not forcing these ideals upon any patient.

What is Celebrate Recovery?

Christian rehabilitation commonly utilizes Celebrate Recovery, or CR. Celebrate Recovery is a 12-step approach to addiction treatment founded in 1990 by John Baker and Rick Warren, both pastors at Saddleback Church. Both of the founders felt that the traditional idea of a “higher power” referred to in Alcoholics Anonymous was too vague, and believed that a more Christ-centered philosophy would better serve Christian men and women afflicted with substance dependency.

The CR method of recovery utilizes a total of 8 recovery principles that are each derived from the Sermon of the Mount – a collection of teachings by Jesus Christ that emphasizes moral philosophies featured in the Gospel of Matthew. While many Christian drug rehabs incorporate Celebrate Recovery, many also offer the option of involvement in any other 12-step fellowship, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or Overeaters Anonymous.

If you are someone you love has a Christian background and has either lost his or her faith in Christ as a result of prolonged substance abuse or is looking for a recovery option that involves Christ-based treatment, Christian rehabilitation may be an ideal option.