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For the most part, the rates of substance abuse amongst members of the Hispanic community tend to mirror trends common throughout the remainder of the national population. However, it has been proven that men and women of Hispanic descent tend to have a lower success rate after completing extended-stay inpatient addiction treatment. While this is due in large part to cultural aspects, it may also be partially due to the previous lack of Latino and Latina based treatment programs available.

Hispanic Addiction Treatment

Over the course of the past several years, numerous drug addiction treatment centers and alcohol rehabs have been established exclusively towards individuals of Hispanic decent. While the methods of addiction treatment remain similar across the board regardless of race and gender, the Hispanic exclusive drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities available throughout the country focus on issues that may pertain solely to members of this specific demographic.

Hispanic Recovery

Many 12-step fellowships (such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous) currently hold bilingual or completely Spanish-speaking meetings. In many Hispanic inpatient treatment facilities, patients will be strongly encouraged to attend outside meetings and get involved in a 12-step fellowship of their choosing. Speaking the same language as those who are going through a similar experience greatly enhances the bond formed with other sober individuals. Forming a solid circle of sober supports is essential in maintaining solid and lasting sobriety – and attending an inpatient drug rehab ensures an instantaneous group of like-minded and substance-free individuals.

Hispanic Rehabilitation Programs

Like other residential facilities, Hispanic treatment centers focus on teaching clients about the disease of addiction while focusing therapeutically on underlying causes. Because many Hispanic-Americans come from somewhat similar economic backgrounds, underlying causes may be similar, and in this case group therapy sessions have proven highly effective. If you or your loved one is of Hispanic descent and battling a life-threatening addiction to drugs or alcohol, there are many specialized treatment options available to you. Contact one of our trained representatives today for a comprehensive list of all your potential options.