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In many instances, drug addiction and alcoholism (while commonly partially induced by genetics) results in some regards from emotional, physical, or sexual trauma experienced in adolescence or young adulthood. For members of the gay and lesbian community, prejudice and bigotry may be experienced to some degree throughout childhood, coupled with feelings of confusion or shame. Being raised in a prejudicial environment can greatly affect a gay or lesbian individual, and it is not uncommon to turn to drugs or alcohol in order to numb the pain of constant misunderstanding, lack of acceptance, and potentially conflicting feelings.

LBGT Addiction Treatment

For these reasons amongst others, several LGBT drug addiction treatment centers have been established throughout the country over the course of the past several years. Inpatient facilities such as these focus on treating addiction as a blanket term, while simultaneously exploring specific experiences, situations, and potential traumas specific to the LGBT community.

Why LBGT Specific Treatment?

Providing gay, lesbian, and transgendered individuals with safe environments full of like-minded and same-suffered individuals ensures them instantaneous support systems, as well as a knowledge that despite how they may have felt previously, they are not alone. Like many other inpatient treatment facilities, LGBT programs focus on educating patients about the disease of addiction from a medical and psychological standpoint, while treating underlying causes of addiction on an individual and comprehensive basis. Group therapy sessions are held on a near-daily (if not daily) basis, while one-on-one sessions with a licensed addiction therapist are typically held once a week. Clients will learn to employ numerous coping mechanisms while working through emotions and memories they may have suppressed for years.

Getting Help For Substance Abuse

If you or someone you love is suffering from the painful and life-threatening disease of addiction and simultaneously coping with the small-minded stigmas relating to homosexuality and other alternative lifestyles, there are many potential treatment options available. Feel free to call one of our trained representatives today for a comprehensive list of all LGBT-exclusive drug and alcohol treatment centers in your general area.