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Male Specific

Drug addiction treatment exclusively for males allows for the careful exploration and addressing of gender-specific issues that females will likely not be able to relate to. Males experience an immense amount of social pressure based solely on their gender – men are expected to be stronger and less emotionally vulnerable, and are not as expected nor encouraged to discuss past sexual traumas as women tend to be in therapeutic settings. Such stereotypes and gender-biased expectancies that society tends to place of males can act as barriers to recovery and prove exceedingly destructive.

Male Specific Addiction Treatment

It has been proven that upwards of 75% of addicts and alcoholics have experienced significant sexual trauma at some point in their lives. The guilt and shame that men tend to feel when addressing such issues can deter them from doing so in mixed-gender group settings. Group therapy is a crucial component of inpatient therapy, and it is important that participants feel completely comfortable in their therapeutic environments so that they may reap all of the benefits of uncovering underlying causes of addiction. Divergence from what is typically deemed acceptable in a client’s culture may prevent him from sharing personal experience in detail, essentially hindering psychological recovery (which is essential to overall recovery from substance abuse).

The Benefits of Male-Only Treatment

Not only do male-only treatment facilities make opening up easier for males, but they also get rid of the potentially harmful distraction females might pose in a recovery setting. The long-term success rate of those who undergo inpatient treatment at a co-ed facility is significantly lower than those who attend gender-specific programs, in large part because unhealthy relationships often tend to form in early sobriety and ultimately do far more harm than good.

Recovery Amongst Men

Men tend to face certain unique and gender-specific pressures in their recoveries and must feel comfortable in knocking down these barriers that are distinctive to their experiences. Of course, recovery for men is no easier than recovery for women, but by attending an inpatient drug rehab that addresses men’s recovery issues in particular, the effort to help male addicts and alcoholics comprehensively and permanently recover will undeniably prove more successful in the long-term.