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The degree of stress and trauma experienced by certain individuals, such as first responders and firefighters, is often incomprehensible to the average person. All too often, the men and women who have dedicated their lives to public safety are plagued with a lifetime of grief, survivor’s guilt, and unseen psychological damage.

Treatment for First Responders & Veterans

Those who have regularly experienced stressful and traumatic situations are more likely to suffer trauma, abuse drugs and attempt suicide. Such men and women may turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with their pain, but there is a better solution: an addiction treatment program specifically designed to facilitate healing and recovery among veterans and first responders.

Trauma & Substance Abuse

According to reports by the Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida:

Veterans are also extremely susceptible to trauma and its consequent disposition toward substance abuse. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about 25% of young veterans (ages 18-25) meet the clinical criteria for drug/alcohol abuse disorder.

Treating Substance Abuse Among First Responders & Veterans

Due to the specific circumstances that often drive these men and women toward drugs and alcohol, specialized treatment is called for. They can find treatment that will entail most or all of the following:

As with other quality treatment programs, first responders and veterans will also begin treatment with thorough and comprehensive medical detoxification, followed by residential treatment that entails drug testing, medication management, and therapy at both the group and individual levels.

First responders and veterans are not lost to mental damage and substance abuse. They can recover, effectively cope with underlying psychological issues, and live a life free from the pain and suffering of addiction.