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Faith Based

Treatment Program

There is a direct association between faith and recovery from addiction, and the spiritual or religious who suffer from addiction may make the most of the faith that they already have in recovery. In fact, there are faith based treatment programs specifically for such people.

Faith Based Recovery from Addiction

Many widely-used recovery methods, such as the 12 steps, emphasize the role that faith plays in recovery. Studies have also shown that faith strengthens one’s sobriety. However, it may also make the process of getting sober even more difficult.

Coping With Faith in Addiction

The stronger one’s faith is, the more guilt, shame or hopelessness they may feel. All addicts ave to cope with the guilt of hurting their family, friends and loved ones. Religious addicts and alcoholics not only have this to reckon with, but also the feeling that they’ve failed their faith and their God. Many even feel that God has abandoned them, or that they do not deserve to get sober. Paradoxically, they may have even lost their faith and struggle to find it again.

Faith Based Addiction Treatment

It is up to each individual him or herself to choose whether a faith based program is right for them, but countless recovering addicts have gained from such an approach to recovery. These programs offer all the fundamental services as other, secular treatments. They do not deny the value of therapy, drug testing, and comprehensive care. However, they add something extra, which can take any number of forms that depend on their associated sect or denomination.

Christian Addiction Treatment

Jewish Addiction Treatment

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Buddhist Addiction Treatment

Why Choose Faith Based Addiction Recovery?

Faith means many different things to many different people, but to all it means something in particular: giving up control of your life to something else. Whether you call that something God, Jesus, Yahweh, or Allah, you have made a decision to seek the aid of something greater than yourself.

Addicts are by nature powerless. They are powerless over not only drugs and alcohol, but over people, places, things, and life itself. Recovery requires not simply power, but power that is greater than one’s self. Such a higher power can be found in any number of forms and ways, but one effective way is through faith and a treatment center that bases its recovery program on faith — a that speaks most powerfully to you.