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Treatment Program

Addiction affects people of all shapes and sizes. No matter what you do, who you work for or how much money you make, you are entitled to proper treatment and comprehensive care. All addicts and their families deserve the chance to recover at a professional, medical city. If you are a union member seeking treatment for your substance abuse, there may be solutions and roads to treatment for you to look into.

Addiction & Treatment for Union Members

Labor unions have fought hard for better wages and more rights in the work place, and this includes the right to have access to the mental health care and addiction treatment that addicts deserve. If you are struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction and truly have an interest in getting sober, speak to your union representative about the benefits to which you are owed.

Addiction & Substance Abuse

All too often, workers are discouraged from seeking the help they need. They may fear for their job security if they take leave to seek treatment. When labor organizes for the right to both get treatment and keep one’s job, union members are much more likely to get help. However, culture and attitudes in the workplace may still prevent this from happening. It is not uncommon for workers to meet at the bar and drink heavily after a long day of work. Some progress from heavy drinking to abuse to alcoholism, but are hesitant to stop this self-destructive pattern.

Treatment & Recovery

When a union member decides to go to treatment, he or she will be assigned an individual case manager to implement and oversee that member’s treatment regimen. This not only ensures the best possible individualized care, but also guarantees that all other affairs are attended to. the individual addict or alcoholic can take the time off to focus on their recovery while their case manager sees to their financial, legal and work-related matters.

A prevalent concern among union members is life after treatment, in recovery. Will they be treated differently in the workplace? Can they enjoy the bonding and fraternity that comes with regular after-work trips to the bar? Treatment will address these concerns with workshops on emotional sobriety and relapse prevention. each individual will gain the tools he or she needs in order to not only stay sober for a lifetime, but to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life as they recover.